Re: “Woman killed crossing Aurora is at least fourth fatality there this year” [Oct. 23, Northwest]

I live in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle and am a daily walker. One of the ways I access the Green Lake path is the crosswalk on Aurora Avenue North and North 68th Street. I have witnessed many traffic maneuvers at this busy intersection. Drivers speed up in the oncoming inner lanes, even though the stoplight is red and foot traffic has already commenced. Recently, an SUV almost hit a runner in advance of the rest of us. There were multiple families with kids in strollers and on bikes in the crowd. Two months ago, I passed an extremely upsetting pedestrian fatality on North 48th Street and Aurora Avenue North that had taken place immediately before my arrival. Do we all have to personally see this tragic loss of human life to fully comprehend pedestrians are not armored in steel and therefore are very vulnerable to the decisions drivers make?

Drivers, your two-minute traffic gain could mean the loss of someone’s life. Slow down, and try to imagine that individual being one of your loved ones. Pedestrians, please do not assume a light in your favor is a safe go ahead.

Rebecca Romanelli, Seattle