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I just attended the memorial service for Donelle “Nellie” Yelli, the pedestrian who was killed in a crosswalk near Green Lake by a suspected drunken driver who then fled the scene [“Seattle hit-and-run victim to be honored at site where she was killed,” NWSaturday, Jan. 7]. Nellie died a week ago but signs of the accident are still visible in the crosswalk as a heart-wrenching reminder that a drunken driver killed a human being, irreversibly and forever.

It occurred to me that one way each of us can honor Nellie and all of the other pedestrians who have been killed by cars is to do everything we possibly can to avoid becoming the next victim.

Until there are no more drunk, texting, distracted, tired or otherwise dangerous drivers on the road, pedestrians must take full responsibility for their own safety. Please wear bright, reflective clothing or a reflective vest. Dark clothes are a recipe for disaster and safety should overrule fashion. Please assume each and every driver does not see you and act accordingly. Please leave your cellphone in your pocket and pay attention to traffic.

Let us honor Nellie and other victims by dressing visibly, walking defensively and asking everyone you know to do the same.

Paul Thomas, Seattle