Eighty years ago, 15 of our nation’s highest awards for valor were awarded, 10 posthumously, to sailors in the U.S. Navy. Almost all had to do with saving others’ lives. Chief Water Tender Peter Tomich’s Medal of Honor citation for his Pearl Harbor actions reads: “For distinguished conduct in the line of his profession, and extraordinary courage and disregard of his own safety, during the attack on the Fleet in Pearl Harbor by the Japanese forces on Dec. 7, 1941. Although realizing that the ship was capsizing, as a result of enemy bombing and torpedoing, Tomich remained at his post in the engineering plant of the U.S.S. Utah, until he saw that all boilers were secured and all fireroom personnel had left their stations, and by so doing lost his own life.”

We need to remember our heroes. Take a few minutes to Google them. How can we ever hope to emulate our heroes, or follow their example if needed, if we know nothing of them or what they did?

Addison Double, Lake Forest Park