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It is amazing to me that the destruction of “nearly 14,000 square feet of coral reef” by Paul Allen’s megayacht dragging its anchor warrants mention in the news [“Paul Allen megayacht destroyed most of reef, Cayman officials say,” Local News, Jan. 28].

That area of coral reef is less than twice the area of my small suburban lot. Of much greater concern is the carbon footprint of this 303-foot yacht with a crew of 30. Coral reefs worldwide are being negatively affected by climate change associated with CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. How much carbon dioxide will this megayacht emit annually? And for what?

I can’t imagine that Paul Allen spends any significant amount of time on this plaything. The rest of the time, it just sits there, burning humongous amounts of fuel. That is of far greater concern than the anchor-dragging incident, and yet the article never mentioned that aspect.

Lawrence McCrone, Bellevue