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I am horrified to read of yet another plan to keep immigrants from becoming citizens, this time planning to refuse them if they ever benefited from programs like the Affordable Care Act, the Children’s Health Insurance Program or food stamps [“U.S. plans to limit citizenship for millions of legal immigrants,” Aug. 8, A5].

It frightens me because it hits so close to home. I have personally benefited from the food-stamp program twice in my life, once when I was married with no children back in the ’70s and again as a single mom in graduate school in the ’80s. Both times the assistance was for less than a year, and I certainly paid back every penny in taxes since then.

What if my government decided to take away my citizenship because I received assistance?

This kind of mindset against those who legally received help when it was needed must be resisted by all caring people.

The Rev. Dr. Ellen Acton, Seattle