Re: “World’s reported COVID death toll passes 4 million” [July 8, Nation & World]:

The international community has pledged millions of doses, but experts estimate that to rein in the virus, 11 billion doses will be required.

With the delta variant on the rise, the reality of the global pandemic is setting in. We are all at risk. President Joe Biden has promised 80 million vaccine doses to developing nations, which is just a start.

Many of these countries not only face the challenges of COVID but risk falling deeper into extreme poverty. The World Bank estimates that the impact of COVID will cause 143 to163 million people to fall back into poverty in 2021, the first rise in global poverty in 20 years. Vaccines are not enough; developing countries need our help in dealing with the rise in poverty caused by COVID.

The U.S. along with its partners has been a leader in funding international poverty-reducing sustainable programs, and we must continue to face this humanitarian crisis and eradicate COVID and poverty. We can and should act.

Let’s contact our members of Congress and ask them to take the lead in funding and vaccines to be sent to countries most in need.

Judy Davis, Seattle