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Promises were made that Paine Field wouldn’t expand, so miles of high-value homes were built under the its flight path [“To accommodate region’s growth, Paine Field should be part of the flight plan”, Opinion, Sept. 20]. A big passenger airport would lower property values and property-tax revenues. It would tie up land that would be better used for aircraft-related industries and high-paying jobs. Instead, we would have hotels, parking lots, strip joints and low-paying jobs.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord would be a much better choice. It has almost unlimited room for expansion. It has no built-up urban areas around it. It could serve the population to the north via Link light rail, which could be extended south from Tacoma. There are already many joint-use military-civilian airports.

To those who want an airport in Everett just so they would not have to drive through Seattle traffic to get to Sea-Tac, my advice is this: Take a freeway bus from the nearest transit center to Seattle and transfer to Link Light Rail for a quick ride to SeaTac.

James Robert Deal, Lynnwood