Re: “P-Patch atop Mercer Street Garage evicted to make way for hockey fans” [Nov. 5, Northwest]:

The plan to convert a community garden into parking demonstrates a mind-boggling degree of shortsightedness. P-Patches provide more than just a place to garden. They create community, give children the opportunity to connect with the earth and provide access to healthy food. Cars, on the other hand, clog up our streets and pollute our air.

Displacing a P-Patch should not be the first solution to providing access to hockey games. Why not consider alternatives? Free bus transportation from Park’n Rides would alleviate the dreaded congestion that happens on game days and free out-of-town hockey fans from having to maneuver Seattle traffic.

Rather than pitting city departments against each other, city leadership should promote a holistic approach to create a more sustainable and resilient city.

Barbara Bengtsson, Seattle