David Brooks is talking out of both sides of his mouth [“Constitutional crisis just for show,” May 12, Opinion].

He says Congress must oversee the executive branch but then makes the case that oversight is futile. His advice to wait and let the voters decide fails to account for damage President Donald Trump may yet cause or others may cause imitating his outrageous, illegal or compromised behavior.

Brooks failed to mention that long before Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was found not guilty of contempt, the courts ordered release of the documents Congress had requested, which is what they wanted. Those documents laid bare the biggest scandal of the Obama administration. That’s oversight in action, not a “pretext for [a] media battle.”

The disparity between the spin of Attorney General William Barr and the actual report could not be more stark. If that does not call for oversight, what does? Congress must gain an understanding of what happened and do its part to harden our laws and electoral processes, and, indeed, hold the president accountable.

The Mueller report, underlying evidence and follow-up testimony serve that purpose. Oversight is the duty of Congress, not a party privilege. Shame on every politician who fails to uphold that duty.

William Wendel, Lynnwood