Nothing much seems to be written or discussed about local, national and world problems being caused by a parabolic increase in population. I’m 99, and since I graduated from high school in Seattle in 1940, the U.S. population has grown from about 132 million to 330 million. The world population has grown from 2.2 billion to more than 7 billion. And the increase keeps building.

Could it be that the fantastic increase in population is causing a multitude of problems, such as increases in property crimes and senseless homicides; homelessness with tent cities on downtown streets; shortages in commodities; people trying to escape to less troubled countries; looming famines; wars; warming of the planet; water shortages; inflation (possible hyperinflation); and unbelievable increases in real estate valuations. My 1962 $30,000 West Seattle home is now valued by the county at $1,033,000 — with resultant highly increased taxes — while my income stays the same. Government debt keeps increasing by the trillions of dollars, etc., etc.

The problems, so many not readily resolvable, keep building as the population keeps increasing.

Emil M. Martin, Seattle