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I’m writing in response to the Op-Ed, “Hate to break it to you, Seattle: Your proposed income tax is illegal.”

Yes, a progressive income tax is illegal … now. But there are many things that were once illegal that are now legal, including marijuana and gay marriage.

Most people will acknowledge that our tax system is broken. The business and occupation tax puts an onus on small businesses. The sales tax is a burden on middle- and lower-income people. The property tax is pushing people out of their homes.

It’s time to get over our knee-jerk reaction against an income tax and have a broad discussion about how to fix our state tax system. It’s time to make the system fair to everyone. I was disappointed that Op-Ed authors Rob McKenna and Gerry L. Alexander weren’t able to be catalysts for this discussion.

I look forward to hearing from others who want to move this discussion forward.

Henry Burton, Seattle