Re: Danny Westneat column, “Oregon’s vote for big new taxes to aid the homeless ups the urgency in Seattle.” [May 22, Northwest]: As he observes, the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the preexisting inequities of our system and increases the urgency of taking action.

Oregon’s solution of taxing those most able to pay is a no-brainer. This reality was evident to our neighbors to the south, while here the similar tax on the richest companies was demonized as a “socialist plot.” The Washington system of taxing the poorest among us the most and the richest the least not only impoverishes those on the bottom, but leaves a permanent shortfall in social programs from the safety net to the environment, education, and state employees serving us all.

I agree with Danny, the pressure is on Seattle and the state as a whole to correct historic discrimination and finally take action to help those forced to live on the streets. Along with passing the head tax on the top 3% of companies, it’s past time to do whatever is necessary to get rid of the prohibition on income taxes and impose a sharply graduated one on the superrich.

Megan Cornish, Seattle