Re: “Fast ferry shows untapped potential of marine-passenger transport” [April 4, Opinion]:

There is no easy and inexpensive solution to Western Washington’s transportation problems. Choosing realistic methods for commuting with an environmental and sustainable requirement is complex.

The editorial applauds the “fast ferries” which recently began traveling from Seattle to Kingston, Bremerton and Southworth. Commuting across Puget Sound puts the resident orcas at risk. They will not tolerate additional noise and water pollution. As past Seattle Times articles about orcas have made clear, boat traffic is making the orcas’ habitat difficult for feeding and reproducing.

Our abuse of their environment may end the resident orca population.

Reconsider the expansion of cross-Sound ferry traffic. While the low cost of Kitsap County residential property is appealing, the Puget Sound “moat” keeps the density down. Easy transportation has another price to be paid by the animals living between Seattle and Kitsap County.

Thomas Ritley, Hansville