Re: “As risk of nuclear war grows, study warns even a limited exchange would doom billions” [Aug. 15, Nation & World]:

I was glad to see the article on the international study by scientists from Rutgers University. Even a limited exchange between nuclear armed nations would be catastrophic; killing millions initially and sparking firestorms that would put soot into the high stratosphere blocking sunlight, causing massive crop failures and the possible starvation of billions.

I hope that The Seattle Times and other media will begin to highlight the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) in their nuclear reporting. The TPNW is ratified by dozens of countries. The treaty bans the use, possession, testing and transfer of nuclear weapons under international law. The United States has worked against this treaty and refuses to sign it. Yet, the consequences of any accidental or planned launch of nuclear weapons will have catastrophic effects for all life on this planet.

Under the Reagan administration, the U.S. and Russia began eliminating much of their nuclear arsenal. It can be done again with good faith negotiations and a will to do away with these monstrous weapons.

Cindy Ann Cole, Bellingham