Re: “After Uvalde massacre, some Texans reconsider gun culture” [May 31, A1]:

The article made clear the National Rifle Association no longer speaks for all the gun owners in this country. This is because the NRA has changed from an organization that promoted responsible gun ownership into a paid shill for the gun manufacturers whose sole mission is to sell more guns and into an organization that has no interest in stopping gun violence.

In order to give responsible gun owners a national organization they can belong to, I propose forming the NRRA (National Responsible Rifle Association), which would have four clear goals. The first goal would be to sponsor classes on gun care and safety for gun owners. The second goal would be the removal of assault weapons and high capacity magazines from the civilian population. The third is to implement universal background checks, and the fourth would be to put in place red-flag laws.

John D. Locatelli, Maple Valley