Re: “Seattle council member suggests naming new light-rail station bridge for Rep. John Lewis” [June 3, Local News]: I, too, was dismayed upon reading of the new name for the Northgate pedestrian bridge. In a newsletter from Councilmember Debra Juarez, I read that her District 5 manager, Dean Allsop, helped in the naming process. The bridge, however, does not need a name. Dean was appointed manager of Lake City’s two social workers, who visit the neighborhood’s homeless camps.

Last month, I called Juarez’ office, requesting Dean visit the camps next to my condo. I then sent an email. I am still waiting a month later to hear back. Now, I read he is wasting time coming up with the name for a bridge that doesn’t need one. In the meantime, the gunshots and illegal drug activity in the camp continue on the city trail next to my condo.

The city doesn’t need to waste time coming up with names for bridges when there is much more important business to attend to. Naming won’t solve the problems of the neighborhood. It will only continue as the “bridge over troubled waters” if better use of time is not spent.

Ed Peterson, Seattle