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The Seattle Times, in its editorial “Stumbling toward North Korea disaster,” warns that the North Korean administration will soon be capable of striking the Pacific Northwest with nuclear weapons.

During the Clinton administration the North Koreans had agreed to give up the development of nuclear weapons.  Only after the U.S., under George W. Bush, attacked Iraq in March of 2003, in contravention of the will of most of the world, did North Korea decide once again to develop the most fearsome weapons man knows. In a logical move, they decided that by arming themselves with nuclear weapons they might be safe against a similar act of aggression.

Unfortunately, if nuclear-weapons systems persist indefinitely, they will likely eventually destroy much of life on earth either through an intentional launch or by mistake.  Yet, it is absurd for one nation to maintain a nuclear arsenal but then demand that other nations forgo this ultimate means of defense.

The only way for the world to be free of the nuclear nightmare is for all nuclear armed nations to negotiate a gradual universal elimination of these weapons.  Isn’t this what we should demand of all nuclear armed nations of the world?


Tom Krebsbach, Brier