Re: “How North Bend became a true Northwest mountain town” [Sept. 22, Outdoors]:

I just finished the article about North Bend with changes made by entrepreneurs wanting to bring more outdoor activities to our town. The last line stated North Bend is a better place to live now than 30 years ago. That’s a matter of opinion.

North Bend was a wonderful place to live before all the changes arrived. Homes were modest and affordable. We had herds of elk on our streets heading into the wilderness near Rattlesnake Lake. Our two main roads throughout town could handle the amount of traffic. Trees weren’t being cut down to make room for more rentals and expensive homes. We had city farms. The Rattlesnake Lake trail wasn’t overcrowded year-round. Many tourists didn’t race down our streets well over the posted speed limit.

Now new homes start at a million dollars with some new residents cutting off access to river swimming holes and walking paths along the Snoqualmie River, with fences and cameras warning that the river bank now belongs to them.

We are paying a price for this growth just like other rural communities that have become tourist attractions. I for one will miss the town we once had.

Susan Durrell, North Bend