Re: “MacKenzie Scott gifts help bolster nonprofit infrastructure” [Oct. 12, Business]:

It was wonderful to read the article about MacKenzie Scott’s recent giving to “an unsexy part of the charitable world”— nonprofit infrastructure.

As someone who works in this field, I can tell you that the rewards are great — a chance to support the work of not just one but hundreds of diverse, worthwhile missions across the state, from environmental protection to infant mental health. It is also true that this work is largely invisible to the public. We are working behind the scenes to ensure that nonprofit staff and board members have the resources and learning opportunities to raise the donations they need, operate in a legal and ethical way, and maximize their impact.

Our presence has been particularly valuable during the pandemic as we shared information about workplace safety, COVID-19 relief funding and supported nonprofit leaders through a period of extreme uncertainty.

Thanks for shining a light on this aspect of charitable work.

Laura Pierce, executive director, Washington Nonprofits, Seattle