There was a time that whenever I got seated on a commercial jet I would check the aircraft safety sheet in the seat pocket in front of me to see what type of plane I was on. After finding out it was a Boeing jet, I was relieved and had a great sense of security and pride that it was built by my hometown aircraft maker.

Boy, have times changed. Was it the move of corporate offices to Chicago? Was it the cheap nonunion labor in other states? Was it the general corporate scandals that push engineers to take short cuts and cheat? Was it the chance to squeeze every penny out of the design costs or squeeze every dollar out of the airlines that are now being charged extra for “safety” features?

So a peaceful flying experience on a Boeing plane is long gone, and I now I will be checking to so see which airlines don’t fly a Boeing 737 MAX once Boeing wiggles its way out of this fine mess.

Like some other things that aren’t in Seattle anymore, my pride and peace of mind flying Boeing are no longer.

Michael Goodreau, retired electrical engineer, Seattle