New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has shown amazing grace, leadership, compassion and poise in the aftermath of the massacres in Christchurch. Every nation should be so fortunate as to have such strength at the helm of government. She has not shrunk from the daunting tasks of comforting the bereaved and reassuring the citizenry. But she has also drawn our attention to the serious issue of granting assassins the attention they so desperately seek — by refusing to name the perpetrator.

I urge the world press to follow her example. When reporting on mass murders or other despicable events, do not gratify the malefactors by publishing their names. Most of all, do not print their photographs. The Seattle Times displayed a rather large photo of the Christchurch assassin [“YouTube struggled to stop users posting mosque massacre video,” March 19, A3]. This is exactly what he wants, and it can serve as inspiration to other cowards.

Please stop.

Roberta Scholz, Edmonds