Re: “Omicron-specific COVID boosters will be available in WA soon; here’s what you should know” [Sept. 3, Local News]:

Thanks both to The SeattleTimes and the Washington Department of Health. I am a 77-year-old retired physician and have been following the good news about the booster against the new omicron variant. My partner and I have been fully vaccinated with both prior boosters and have been eager to get the new bivalent booster against the omicron variant.

Kudos to The Seattle Times for giving us timely and accurate information concerning the new booster. Also, kudos to the Washington Department of Health for providing information about where and when to get the new booster. Often my experience with calling various organizations is long wait times, long menus and incomplete information. Calling the state DOH was an entirely different experience. The menu was short, a live person answered quickly, and the person answering my call was courteous, easy to understand and offered accurate information (; 800-525-0127).

Warren Burrows, M.D., Seattle