Re: “Bring back corner stores to create a connected, equitable city” [June 25, Opinion]:

This is a very romantic notion, and those of us who grew up in Seattle remember these stores. They were often family owned with the family running the stores. (All of you baby boomers remember the lead character on “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” — his family owned one on the TV show).

What put these stores out of business was not single-family zoning but crime. I remember a couple of these in my own Phinney Ridge neighborhood where the owner was robbed and shot, and one was killed. Also contributing to their demise are chain supermarkets and 7-Eleven, which started to populate the neighborhoods.

To bring them back would be great, but I believe they would be an economic loss to the owners. Some may survive, but unfortunately they are an item of a bygone time. Oh, how I miss the penny candy.

Bonnie Thompson, Seattle