Thank you for the editorial “Navy and Whidbey need compromise on jet noise” [Dec. 28, Opinion] citing the magistrate’s acknowledgment of what the Growler critics have been saying for years.

The Navy simply feels entitled to make its own decisions, based on its self-serving data and information, with consistent disregard for the health, safety and well-being of the people the Growler noise impacts. The central issue for those living under the jets is that the Navy refuses to provide an honest assessment of the real-time noise citizens must endure because in so doing they would have to admit the actual harm done at on-site levels.

In apparent response, the Navy released a report on jet noise that again reinforces self interest. Its sound studies conveniently show no harm [“Navy releases Whidbey Island jet noise monitoring study,” Dec. 22, Northwest].

Some compromise is warranted, but given the Navy’s persistent reluctance to negotiate in honesty and good faith with those impacted makes it difficult to believe the negotiations will be fair.

Tom Ewell, Clinton