Re: “Judge rejects Navy review for more jet flights on Whidbey” [Aug. 4, A1]:

The people complaining have lost site of the importance of the Navy jet training. Right now, with the world situation in Russia and Ukraine, I think we could have World War III. Vladimir Putin has threatened A-bombs. Military training is very important now for our country to be safe.

Yes, the jets are noisy, but enemy bombs and bullets are much more noisy. We do not want the Navy to close Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, as it is one of few Navy stations in the world where the pilots have to learn and fly instruments because of our weather. Whidbey is one of a few bases where they have to fly instrument winter flying. The U.S. is very short of training sites because of downsizing and base closures. It is very important to save and have places for the military to train. Any restrictions on their training are a national defense shortfall.

So, the people with the lawsuit and the judge had better think it over and try and come to a usable solution to the problem.

Robert L. Price, Seattle