Re: “Navy and Whidbey need compromise on jet noise” [Dec. 28, Opinion]:

Several years ago our family made the mistake of renting a vacation beach home on Whidbey Island’s northwest coast for a week. It was one of the longest, most miserable weeks of our lives. Every day, multiple times a day, the jets would terrorize the locals with their flights.

We had young children who were constantly in fear. The dog would bark and hide under the bed, shaking, every day. The noise turned a beautiful paradise into an insufferable hell-on-earth war zone, day after day. Needless to say, we have never returned to that area.

What struck me immediately was that, while this training is no doubt important, it could easily be conducted over unpopulated desert areas east of the mountains or in many desolate localities throughout the western United States.

This ongoing abuse of North Whidbey residents is completely unnecessary and in my view indefensible.

I applaud Attorney General Bob Ferguson for bringing litigation to halt this ongoing reign of terror and completely agree with the editorial that U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, should step in.

Scott McClellan, Seattle