Re: “City Council again attempts to rein in team that clears homeless encampments” [Oct. 18, Northwest]:

For once, I share the mayor’s sentiments and concerns on this issue. I believe that any plan for successfully dealing with homelessness in Seattle will depend upon a courageous and caring team of professionals from the city who are willing to go out into the community, engage with homeless folks and effectively find housing for these downtrodden individuals. Truth be told, there is every reason to believe that the current Navigation Team, which consists primarily of well-intended and committed law enforcement people, given the proper situational homelessness landscape, could probably do a great job. Unfortunately, the current landscape surrounding homelessness in Seattle is far from proper and optimal. The major deficiency in the current strategy for housing the homeless in our city is that there are no satisfactory housing alternatives for the Navigation Team to direct the homeless to. Shelters are not satisfactory alternatives for any homeless human.

Until the city creates supportive permanent housing for our homeless, few of the current homelessness strategies currently employed in Seattle, including the Navigation Team, will ever be successful.

Bruce Drager, Seattle