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In the “Naughty or Nice” editorial Dec. 25 [“Naughty or nice: a peek at Santa’s List”], you complimented Seattle Mayor Ed Murray but didn’t give him a lump of coal for his war on cars in the city without adequate alternative transportation available.

Those of us who don’t have light rail and spend an hour on a bus (which would be a 20-minute drive in a car) might wonder why the mayor thinks we don’t have to get to work, doctor appointments, etc., on time. We need road repair and parking needs to be maintained.

Also, Murray seems to think that all property owners in Seattle are wealthy while the truth is many are barely hanging onto their homes. Property taxes in Seattle are now more than twice what we spend on King County or even on the state!

Exceeding the mayor’s ignorance is Councilmember Kshama Sawant. She seems to think that it’s just fine to play Robin Hood by taking from those she sees as rich property owners (see above comment on mayor) and giving it to renters.

When the cost of being a landlord becomes outrageous, many will get out of the business and others will raise rents to cover the costs imposed on them by a socialist narcissist! We will miss the more reasonable Councilmember Tim Burgess, who was probably tired of fighting City Hall.

Leslie McClure, Seattle