Re: “Seattle City Council to consider ban on natural gas for new homes, buildings” [Sept. 5, Local]:

Eliminating natural gas as a fuel source in new commercial and residential construction may be politically appealing, but it is a bad idea. Forcing the use of electricity may help us to be carbon-neutral, but it certainly isn’t salmon neutral.

The annual cost to homeowners for heating and cooking with electricity at this point in time is 20% higher compared to natural gas. While striving to achieve more environmentally friendly energy sources, it is bad policy to eliminate what is currently one of the cleanest sources we have.

The City Council has a host of issues to deal with such as homelessness, transportation and mental health to name a few. It is remarkable they would spend their time on banning a relatively clean energy source. All of our energy choices have environmental consequences. We are better-served environmentally and economically by acknowledging the need for a variety of them.

Michael Duval, Seattle