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Doug Howell of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign in his Op-Ed “Replacing coal with natural gas is not a climate-friendly solution” makes a very effective argument for replacing fossil-fuels with wind, solar and other renewable sources. This would not only be good for the environment but would also create jobs in our state.

Howell also points out the urgency in addressing climate change.

Fortunately, our state has the chance to act immediately by passing Initiative 732, which would impose a carbon tax on fossil fuels.

But we really need to address carbon pollution nationally to keep all states on a level playing field. A national carbon fee/tax and dividend policy would create an incentive for businesses and consumers to both switch to renewable sources of energy and to increase energy efficiency. The proceeds would be returned to Americans families on a per-capita basis as a monthly dividend.

To keep American exports competitive worldwide, we also would need a border rebate on goods traded with countries without comparable carbon fees and a border tariff for imports from countries without comparable carbon fees.

Carbon fees are the most efficient way to incentivize us to move away from fossil fuels and reduce our carbon emissions.

Kristi Weir, Bellevue