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Thanks for the article about NASA’s spectacular photos in space, including “Earthrise.”

We all must live together on this precious planet. I always wondered whether we might have a different outcome if two leaders of the opposite sides, say Palestinians and Israelis, negotiated in space while looking at the Earth from outside.

Just seeing the small blue planet in the vast black space would make us realize how small our differences, such as religion, race and gender, are. Also, as astronaut Greg Johnson said, it’s the only place we can live.

Sending only political leaders to space might not be enough because in a democracy they are representing our views. However, it will take many years, if ever possible, for space travel to become affordable for ordinary citizens.

How about putting a beautiful poster of the “Earthrise” photo on the wall of every classroom so that the next generation will have this bigger perspective?

Kazuki Sawanoi, Bellevue