Re: “Ultimate human creativity is birth, nurturing of children”:

As I precariously balance my laptop on my 37 weeks basketball belly, I wonder why I have to write this. The right to abortion must be as supported as the right to bear a child.

Planned Parenthood provides services like birth control and sex education that will help lead to a reduction in sex-selective abortions, and values women’s lives (read human life).

Abortions occur regardless of “shouting” them. The difference is that abortions are happening more in medical settings and less with coat hangers, and women (LGBTQIA, black, Latinx) are reclaiming autonomy.

I waited in fear of pregnancy because of voices like those of the author. No matter what choice I make as a woman, I make the wrong one.

When my child is born, she will be a human being. I have chosen to make sacrifices and carve a space for her when he wishes to deny her one. The pain of labor or abortion, as equally as the joy of having a child or having an abortion, is my choice.

Lisa Rose, Bothell