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Thank you for highlighting the hypocrisy of Seattle leadership when it comes to holding public officials accountable.

I have never been so ashamed of the city I live in as I have been this past year as multiple accusations came out against former Mayor Ed Murray, and Seattle leadership remained oppressively silent. Throughout the spring and summer, as more people came forward and evidence that public institutions had considered Murray a threat to boys, I wondered exactly how many men needed to come forward before our city leaders would have the courage to speak up. I wondered what sort of crime would be heinous enough to risk their friendship with Murray and the power that is obviously associated with having that friendship.

The silence of our leaders wasn’t without effect. Every pedophile in this city received the very clear message of “don’t worry, we don’t care, it’s no big deal.” The suffering of children being molested today is on the hands of all of the people who have turned a blind eye to these accusations, and it can’t be washed off by jumping on the bandwagon about Roy Moore.

Korie Voorheis, Seattle