Re: “Online, mobile voting coming this way” [Jan. 22, Northwest]:

The Seattle Times recently reported that a key reason Washington state voting is so secure compared to some states is that we require paper ballots [“Wyman proposes safeguards against ballot tampering,” Jan. 16, Northwest]. And now we are supposed to embrace mobile voting?

With numerous reports of mobile phone hacking (even, allegedly, of Jeff Bezos by Saudi Arabia) why bother? The election where it is being tested is so obscure, people have to request a ballot to vote. Just mail the ballot — problem solved. What about people who do not have mobile phones or do not trust mobile voting? How does mobile voting make the election fair or impartial?

Voter turnout here is already above the national average, but if you want higher turnout, it is more logical to focus on how to accomplish that with paper ballots. Mobile phones are not the correct tool for every transaction. Voting is special and subject to abuse, so let’s focus on keeping our elections as fair and impartial as possible.

Karen Pierce Goncalves, Bellevue