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The Kirkland manufactured-home community closure and subsequent eviction of homeowners portray the devastating reality these 32 families face [“32 families face eviction with sale of Kirkland mobile-home park,” Local News, May 24]. My heart goes out to them, but I’m comforted knowing this need not happen again.

I live in a similar community and once risked the same scenario — trying to find a new place to take my not-very-mobile home or abandon my largest asset and start over. I applaud the former community owner, who in the article’s comments section, spoke about trying to sell to the city and preserve much-needed affordable housing.

I was lucky because the couple who owned my community twice tried to sell to us before succeeding the third time. We, the 25 homeowners of Duvall Riverside Village, bought the land beneath our community in 2012 with the help of ROC USA and ROC Northwest. As a resident-owned community, we democratically manage our neighborhood. I serve as president of our community board, have been elected to serve on ROC USA’s board and ensure other resident groups can buy their parks.

I urge park-owners to sell to their residents. Give them the security of land ownership to fully realize the American dream.

Liz Wood, Duvall