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I read with interest the article about the Firs Homeowners Association’s efforts to save its neighborhood from destruction.

I hope the city of SeaTac will do all it can to come to a resolution with the landowner so that this community can remain intact. Surely city leaders are aware of how valuable this community is for the health and future of the city. Residents are able to afford educational opportunities for their children and other kinds of support for their families because they do not have to spend the majority of their income on housing. This is a kind of stability that we as citizens should strive to help all families and neighborhoods to achieve.

It would be very shortsighted for city leaders to let this all be destroyed because of a landowner’s desire to cash in on high property values.

The residents of the Firs are a shining example of the American Dream and a true asset to the city of SeaTac.

Megan Kelso, Seattle