In reference to Beth Griech-Polelle’s Op-Ed on the misuse of Holocaust imagery by anti-vaxxers who also often flaunt antisemitic tropes — this kind of mish-mosh is also used by anti-vaxxers who chant “My body, my choice” while working against abortion rights [“Misuse of Holocaust imagery further divides us in pandemic,” Oct. 19, Opinion].

I reject the hypocrisy while recognizing that the ultraright steals slogans and history from humanists and the left because right-wing causes are destructive to the human race and therefore do not have a good public image. As a fully-vaccinated Jewish socialist feminist, I am knowledgeable of the millions of socialists, unionists, Jews, Christians, LGBTQ and Roma killed in Nazi camps.

So those who perpetuate the murderous ideas of fascism now use the image of the noxious results of these ideas to argue that they are victims. Now is the time to organize against their malign deceit and work for reproductive justice and protecting each other by trusting science.

Adrienne Weller, Seattle