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Editor’s note: Last week, accompanying the column by Donna Gordon Blankinship “Stand up millennials” [Opinion, Nov. 15], we asked Millennial Generation readers, “What are your top two priorities?” after the election and, “How will you take action to make progress on them?”

Below are selected responses:

Racial equality, reproductive health

The two issues I plan on pursuing over the next four years are racial equality and comprehensive reproductive health care.

As a white woman, I am learning how to be a better ally and active bystander. I am learning what true solidarity means in terms of racial justice. I am researching Black Lives Matter and I am listening to people of color. I am pushing for racial equality in the institutions where I have power: my work and my university.

As far as reproductive health care, I am volunteering at Planned Parenthood. I am educating myself on abortion legislation. I am realizing where my blind spots are (intersectional feminism, for instance) and researching more. When I learn something new, I bring it to my friends and peers for their opinions. I refuse to have these issues ignored due to a lack of education or awareness.

Ariel Wood, Tacoma

Environment and international relations

My top two priorities are the environment and international relations. How I have been taking action toward these issues is become a part of the engineering community via civil engineering to innovate solutions to fight climate change. Besides that and serious recycling, I don’t think it’s enough. I want to do more, but I don’t know what or where — I want to physically help instead of throwing money away at organizations that I’m not sure what they do. Any suggestions?

As for the global part, I saved money and traveled some of the world to understand it better, to connect more with locals and learn their infrastructure models to possibly help with innovative new ways to help our own. After this election, I’m embarrassed in front of our international community because the election’s result has the potential to harm everyone on the planet, not just us here in America.

I did vote, and I’m sorry I was naive and not more proactive to get others to vote, too.

Natalia Alexandra, Seattle

Workers’ rights

Currently, I am a shop steward for UFCW Local 21 in Seattle. I was already very active, but now I am more determined to ensure workers’ rights throughout my state and the rest of the country. I am graduating soon with my second go-round of college, and I am determined to change people’s minds and get out the vote.

Bryan Gilderoy, Seattle