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In “Millennials are mindless zombies” [Opinion, Sept. 2], Ammon Perea declared that millennials are a “stagnant” generation who has done nothing of worth. “We are a bunch of sheep,” he said, noting that the media and our parents have manipulated us into passive, uninformed zombies.

Here’s the thing: This simply isn’t true. We are a larger and more diverse group than any other generation in American history. Countless millennials work hard every day to champion causes of tremendous worth to society.

For anyone who thinks that millennials are lazy, technology-obsessed, narcissistic zombies, I encourage you to look at the many millennials who are social workers, activists, writers, poets, artists, doctors, teachers and journalists — all of whom are doing what we believe in because we want to help make the world a better place.

Ron Martin-Dent, Bellevue