Re: “Living with Wildlife” [May 29, At Home] The article was an excellent introduction to importance of backyard habitat for birds and pollinators. With continued habitat loss due to development, improving the quality of urban and suburban habitats for wildlife is increasingly important.

A point that wasn’t raised in the article was the impact of nighttime light pollution on migratory birds.

Lights can disorient the birds as they fly and increase their risk of death from flying into windows. Birdcast, a program of The Cornell Lab, estimates that so far this spring 32 million birds have migrated through King County. An easy way to help these amazing birds on their way to their breeding grounds is simply turning down the lights at night, especially during migration season.

Giving the birds a hand with a place to refuel and rest and turning down those lights can help ensure that we continue to be delighted by birdsongs every spring.

Claire Waltman, Bellevue