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I’m writing to express my concern that King County Metro fares might increase yet again. As indicated by David Gutman’s article “Metro fare-hike plan prompts a look at what bus riders pay,” the King County Metro system covered 31 percent of its operating costs with collected fares in 2015, and that number has risen every year since 2007. Though this is slightly less than the national average, it is above the 25 percent target that Metro has set for itself and comparable to cities of similar size and density.

Most important, though, we need to remember who is using public transit, with the tremendous costs of car ownership and rising living costs. These people must rely on Metro buses to get around. A fare increase of 25 cents could threaten their ability to get to work, school or the doctor. Shouldn’t our Metro system serve those who need it most?

I urge the Metropolitan King County Council to remember that public transportation is a public good and reject the fare increase.

Jordan Mack, Seattle

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