If you’ve seen a Metro bus in Seattle in the last month, you’ve likely seen the ads that take average looking bodies and make them the undesirable “before” picture to hawk a weight-loss plan. This content has no place on our public buses.

Body shaming is everywhere, and it is toxic, and we do not need it following us around on our commutes. The more we see warped retouched images and average bodies being shown as problems, the more that kind of thing sticks in our heads. I shouldn’t have to look at it on my morning commute. I shouldn’t have to worry about the teenagers in my life who will see that and look in the mirror at swim class or at home and wonder if they should start dieting.

This content is offensive, inappropriate and toxic. Metro must have a policy to vet advertisements for content, and I am appalled that this made it through their process.

Metro is publicly funded and should not allow images that are going to harm the public well-being to be on their buses.

Mariah Pepper, Seattle