In recent weeks, The Seattle Times has published articles concerning mental-health issues, asking how we can improve the system.

And also recently, this: “Washington gets another positive state revenue forecast” [Nov. 19, Local News]:

Maybe it’s time for this state to stop the talk and walk the walk. Maybe, just maybe, this Legislature could designate all the budget reserves to mental health.

How about a nurse for every middle school?

How about a new Western Washington mental-health hospital? (Yes, tear down the current Western State Hospital in Lakewood.)

How about doubling the mental-health professionals across the state?

How about building more mental-health placement centers for those patients not serious enough for Western and needing help and a temporary placement outside of jail?

These are just a few humble suggestions. I am quite sure that if you polled any current mental-health workers they would have many more solid suggestions.

If not now, when? If not when, why?

Randy Fillingim, Seattle