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As I walked around the neighborhood on this Memorial Day Monday, I was struck by how few flags there were. I did an eight block circle and noted three flags, one of which was ours.

It saddened me. When did honoring our armed servicemen and women become such a passé tradition?

I realize we are all tired, skeptical and frustrated with our government and the state of the world. But, hey folks, so many people have given their lives in order to protect ours.

We are truly lucky to live in a country with freedoms. I can’t imagine being born into a life where I wake up in fear, and go to bed in fear. When getting food and water is a life-risking task. When I have no medicine to cure my child, or to prevent me from becoming pregnant.

America is flawed, as is every nation. I don’t get an “A” in patriotism, but I am so very thankful for those who protect and give their lives for ours.

So yes, I fly our flag and hope that next year more people will do the same.

Kathleen Green, Seattle