Re: “No incumbent in Seattle mayoral race, but candidates still running against City Hall”:

Like many other voters, I’m merely seeking competence in our next mayor and city council, pragmatic individuals with the ability to solve our city’s growing problems. I am looking for individuals who will enforce our laws, which would be a refreshing change. I am looking for individuals who can manage city workers effectively so they will do the jobs we pay them to do. I am looking for doers with political courage, not politically correct ideologues who spout platitudes and make empty promises (“free transit for everyone”) but stand in the way of pragmatic solutions. Regrettably. I’m not seeing this in the current crop of candidates. It is profoundly discouraging to see this in the city I love so much.

How difficult is it to get cops back out on the streets, or for the courts to enforce our laws or for the public works department to maintain our public infrastructure? Why are none of the candidates talking about reducing crime, enforcing our laws, and maintaining our roads and bridges?

Let’s please get the basics right before we worry about, oh, decriminalizing magic mushrooms or making it impossible to enforce misdemeanors in the courts.

Joseph Lacugna, Seattle