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Regarding Seattle Mayor Ed Murray ending his re-election bid: Two aspects need attention.

First, how does a city that prides itself on all aspects of social justice allow and condone the obvious bullying of an elected official?

Without being convicted of any crime, an opportunistic lawyer and four tragic victims of our failed juvenile-justice system have destroyed the career of a man many regard as the best mayor Seattle has ever had.

Secondly, can we look at the bigger picture here? How many more Delvonn Heckards and Maurice Lavon Joneses are now being incubated by a system that prefers punishment to treatment?

Is the mayor guilty? We don’t know, but never as much as a system that bears some of the responsibility of aiding those most in need of our care. How many other children walk our streets without an alternative to the tragic lifestyle adopted by Murray’s accusers?

Mayor Murray deserves his day in court. In my own poll of friends and associates, we all still would have voted for him.

Gary Crevling, Seattle