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Police response is a standard for the nation

Congratulations to Seattle Police for a remarkable performance in its control on May Day [“Peaceful march by day; cops corral night protests,” Page One, May 2]. What we saw occur on the city streets should and will be the standard for riot control across our nation and the world.

In future years, the lines that separate peaceful assembly and criminal behavior will fade and more aggressive actions will be required to maintain order. Until that time, the measured response seen Sunday shows the maturity and training brought to the force by Chief Kathleen O’Toole and her staff. Thank you.

Richard Cardwell, Seattle

City overreacted in sending alert

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I am disappointed in the city’s overly dramatic response to the May Day protests in sending out a citywide alert (via AlertSeattle) regarding so-called “violent protesters.”

This service is for actual threats to the city’s population and to our community as a whole, such as in the event of an earthquake or major disaster. A small group of protesters at a march, which I saw streaming live online and was clearly quite tame, is an absurd reason to send a citywide alert.

The more pointless alerts the city sends out, the more people will ignore them. This results in lives lost when an actual disaster hits.

Mandy Sladky, Seattle