I’m thrilled that small businesses are opening. I never thought it was fair for Walmart to be open while Main Street businesses are shuttered. However, if I enter a small store with little room to practice social distancing and there are people not wearing masks, I’m going to turn around and walk out.

We have two people over 60 in our home. Wearing a mask does not protect me, but it might protect others. I want that same level of protection when I have to go out to shop. It’s the least we can do for our family, friends, neighbors and fellow Americans. Any right that is given to us by God, the Constitution or our legislators has limits. The First Amendment covering free speech does not cover dangerous speech like yelling fire in a crowded theater.

To those who refuse to wear masks because they believe it’s their right, your right not to wear a mask ends at my right to life. To small businesses, I am sorry you’re in the middle of this tug of war. I hope for better days ahead.

Kim Smith, Poulsbo