I’m relatively young and have no health problems, so I wanted to be a good citizen and wait my turn for the vaccine. I scheduled an appointment as soon as I was eligible, but am only just due for my second shot next week, so I won’t have full immunity until mid-June.

I know I’m not the only one in this spot, and yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have made what I think is a premature decision to allow the vaccinated to go maskless already — and despite a fourth wave of infections, Washington has followed suit.

The range of opinions regarding COVID-19 that I’ve heard in the last year leads me to believe that not all of these maskless people at Costco and Home Depot are truly vaccinated, thus putting people like me — and our young children — at increased risk again.

This is the thanks we get for not jumping the line? What’s the hurry?

Rose McMahill, Issaquah