Re: “CDC director defends abrupt reversal on mask recommendations” [May 16, Nation & World]:

I have been a faithful PCC Community Markets member, shopping with my family at all the branches but most frequently at the original Green Lake PCC on Aurora Avenue almost daily.

A day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention policy change on masks, PCC stores throughout Seattle also walked back mask requirements. Above all, this change threatens all young children and immune-compromised adults in our city who are unable to be vaccinated.

PCC has the authority to mandate masks for all, adding another layer of protection for these fragile groups. However, the updated mask policy is making it difficult for my family to continue shopping at PCC locations, especially with our young children in tow. And I suspect other parents feel similarly.

Alternatively, I am planning to shop exclusively at stores that are maintaining mask requirements for the protection of all groups in our community. I’m disappointed that PCC has failed to think of children and immune-compromised individuals. Individual freedom should never compromise the safety of other individuals, or, in this case, entire groups.

Cait Platz, Seattle

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